About Paws Up

Going Above & Beyond!


We are continually training ourselves to be YOUR best Trainer! 

Whether you are looking to have a well mannered family pet, enter your dog into obedience competitions, earn obedience titles, or even become a Certified Therapy Dog, we can help! 

I, Jennifer DeCuyke, owner and head trainer here at Paws Up Certified Dog Training, am proud to present my Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer – Level 2 (ABCDT-L2) Certification! Earning the ABCDT-L2 proves I have a solid foundation of dog training experience, as well as knowledge in teaching abilities, learning theory, canine behavior and more. This certification is not easy to achieve. It takes years of professional experience, training, education, referrals and testing. 

I promise you will be completely satisfied with our professional services!



Our Training Style


Paws Up! Certified Dog Training teaches new behaviors to the dogs through luring, shaping, capturing, or molding. 
Jennifer's training philosophy follows the scientific behavioral principles based on classical conditioning and operant conditioning; and positive reinforcement. 
This is all based on the research and methods of Ivan Pavlov and his “Pavlov’s Laws.” He had discovered that a dog is more willing to work for rewards rather than avoid being corrected.
This type of training makes a dog more confident and less fearful; its primary motivation is based on earning a reward as opposed to avoiding a punishment.


Paws Up! Certified Dog Training is a locally owned business since 2013. Our goal is to provide education, obedience training, and guidance to help you create a well-balanced, well-behaved, well-mannered, and obedient family dog.

Owner and Trainer, Jennifer DeCuyke has more than 25 years of experience in training dogs. She is certified by the Animal Behavior College and American Kennel Club. Jennifer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SUNY Plattsburgh and uses psychology as a major part of her training. 


Paws Up Certified Dog Training has earned the The Daily Gazette's Best of the Best Capital Region's peoples votes to be 2018's Best Dog Trainer.


Even old dogs can learn new tricks at Paws Up! Certified Dog Training. We offer a variety of programs from AKC's STAR Puppy Program to Advanced Obedience Training Programs and everything in between. 

We also carry a large variety of  Pet Supplies to help you care for your your pets at home. 


Classical Conditioning & Positive Reinforcement Used

Jennifer and her staff teach you how to teach your dog the desired behavior instead of using harsh corrections to scare him / her. When you use positive reinforcement, the dog learns that doing what you want him to do gets him what he wants – food, toys, affection.

We believe that by using a balance of meaningful rewards and proven scientific training techniques, we’ll be able to provide safe, humane, and effective dog training alternatives to the dog owners.
We have endeavored to go beyond the mechanics of obedience training, and we teach our students the importance of inter-species communication.
Please note: We do not specialize in aggression training but we can refer you to someone who does, just ask!